Transform Your Family With Play in just 7 Days! – Free Online Course

If your children are annoying you or doing things that you don’t know how to deal with, then my new 7 day challenge is PERFECT to help turn things around.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to bring PLAY to those stressful situations where (harsh) discipline is traditionally used.

But, when we realise what’s driving our kids to go off track and behave in these frustrating ways –

PLAY makes perfect sense!   

When our kids are stressed or angry, PLAY helps them to release upset feelings.

When our kids are sad, PLAY helps them to feel our love.

When our kids are scared, PLAY helps them to feel brave & powerful.

When we are rushed & stressed, PLAY helps us to quickly reconnect with our kids.

When we are frustrated or angry, PLAY helps us to feel loving towards our children again.

When we don’t know what to do, PLAY helps us to do something loving, effective & fun to bring the joy back into our family.


So if you’ve ever struggled with everyday situations such as :

– Sleep
– Separation Anxiety
– Hitting
– Sibling Rivalry
– Arguing with your partner over parenting

Each day for 7 days, I’ll give you a simple game which doesn’t require money or much time, and the only things you really need is a timer, cushion and socks.

They’re so much fun, incredibly simple and really ‘work’!

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It’s FREE and it’ll be FUN!

See you on Monday….!