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Time-In Discipline: Effective Alternatives to Time Out

Practical ways to maintain connection, build emotional intelligence and helpfully discipline your child without being punitive.

Do you currently use Time Out and are now looking for an alternative?

Or do you in theory not want to use Time Out but are struggling to know in practice how to deal with your child when they are being difficult, rude and aggressive?

Then this Webinar is for YOU!

So many of us know about the theory of the need for connection and the side-effects of shame but we don’t always know what we can do instead!  In the heat of the moment, when our children are being a nightmare, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do and it’s easy to think they need more serious discipline to make them appreciate the consequences of their actions.

They way that we were parented also comes out at those times.  Even though we may have vowed never to smack, shout or shame, when we are stressed, this is exactly what many of us end up doing.

But there ARE alternatives.  There ARE ways to deal with your children effectively, lovingly and with connection.

So in this webinar I will give you:

  • an introduction to what’s going in your child’s brains when they are behaving in this way
  • an explanation of what they really need at that time
  • a practical tool you can use to pre-empt difficult behaviour
  • tangible strategies to use in the heat of the moment including
    • using play (no, you’re not rewarding bad behaviour)
    • ways to set limits effectively & respectfully

I have 2 children


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