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‘Spoiled Outing’ Phenomenon

Have you ever taken your child out for a really lovely trip, or planned something gorgeous for them, only for them to turn around and be rude, uncooperative, ungrateful or generally awful?!

Or you’ve created a fabulous birthday party and they have a meltdown at the end of it, saying it was “the worst day ever”?

This is such a common thing to happen and is an actual ‘thing’ (that’s the technical term!)

In today’s video I go talk about, what Patty Wipfler from Hand in Hand Parenting describes in a far more eloquent way as, a Spoiled Outing.

So if you’d like some help in knowing HOW to respond to this Spoiled Outing behaviour, be sure to sign up for my FREE Webinar that’s on TONIGHT!

We’ll be going through ways to help our children with their big feelings at times such as these, and when they hit, throw things and are generally considered to be ‘out of control’.

I’ll give you:

  • an introduction to what’s going in your child’s brains when they are behaving in this way
  • an explanation of what they really need at that time
  • a practical tool you can use to pre-empt difficult behaviour
  • tangible strategies to use in the heat of the moment including
    • using play (no, you’re not rewarding bad behaviour)
    • ways to set limits effectively & respectfully
  • a sense of normalising how we all respond (imperfectly) in these frustrating moments!

This is perfect if you have a child aged between 2 & 9 and have ever struggled with knowing what to do when things seem to be hitting the fan……

It’s also perfect if you’ve tried various different approaches, including Time Out, and are now wanting an effective alternative based on connection.

Would love to see you TONIGHT at 8pm.  So SIGN UP NOW (yes, right now!) and I look forward to chatting with you then!

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