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Special Time Mission: Impossible Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of our very important MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE……

So hopefully you’ve had a couple of days of doing Special Time with your children.  How’s it going?  Is it easier that you thought?  Or harder?  Are you noticing any of the benefits I mentioned yesterday?  Come on over to our Facebook Group to let us know how you’re going.

Today I adress some of the questions I’m commonly asked about Special Time:

The subject of multiple children is a biggie as ST can often become the Impossible Mission…..  As I talk about in the video, when our children get older, they understand that everyone gets ST, so become more able to wait whilst their sibling enjoys it.

The extra challenge comes when one of them is little and doesn’t have that capacity to understand.  Such as my 24 month old….

It’s easy for me to give him attention when his sister is at school, but it’s hard to find time when he’s otherwise occupied during the week.  So I have snipets of time with my 8 year old – such as 5 minutes in the morning before my husband leaves for work, or while George is engrossed in something (momentarily!).

Probably like you, currently ST works best for us on the weekend when we can have a decent amount of time together whilst my hubby looks after the toddler.  But so that we maintain that yummy connection during the week, I ask Emily what she would like to do and try to incorporate toddler George into it, or set him up with something near by that he can oscilate between.

For example, yesterday afternoon Emily chose to go to the nearby park.  I took a ball for George to kick whilst Emily & I played chasing games, did handstands (she, not me!) and generally tried to connect one-on-one.  George would interrupt us but, because Emily was getting my attention, she was much more accomodating towards him wanting to play with us.

How are you managing to bring ST to your children if you have more than one?  Come on over to our Facebook Group and let us know!

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Emotional Upsets (which is something I allude to in today’s video).

Until then…….



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