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Special Time Mission: Impossible: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our very important MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE……

How did it go yesterday?  Did you manage to do Special Time with your child/ren?  How was it?  How did you feel?  Please come into our Facebook Group to chat about it and ask any questions.

Today it’s all about our WHY.  Why is Special Time so great?

The more we understand and appreciate the reasons behind doing Special Time, the more we’re likely to bother to fit it into our busy days and the less likely we are to forget as time goes by.

Benefits For Our Children include:

– Allows them to FEEL our love & connection – which in turn reduces off-track behaviour, increases co-operation, etc.
– Enables them to be more resilient in challenging situations, particularly whilst they’re away from us
– Builds physical confidence
– Helps deal with separation – before and after time away

Benefits for Us include:

– Life becomes calmer!  Our children become easier to be with and family life runs smoother
– Reconnects us back with our child, especially after times we’ve felt irritated & frustrated, etc
– We can feel confident in our parenting in that we know we’ve given our children our focused attention that day – a big tick off the list!
– We can learn more about our children & what’s going on for them in a relaxed way
– It’s fun!  It’s our chance to purely play with our children without worrying about the million other things we have to do.

What other benefits do you notice?  Please post them in our Facebook Group to inspire us all.

Until tomorrow…….



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