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Raising Happy Kids Conference

I’m so excited – the Raising Happy Kids Conference is coming to Sydney in less than 2 weeks.  Plus, I’m going to be speaking!

Are you coming….?!

This is the perfect place to hear from a range of incredible speakers about topics we all struggle with as parents.  Topics include:

  • Connecting with Your Toddler & Child: Setting Healthy Boundaries Without Punishment
  • Children’s Emotional Expression
  • The Inner Loving Mother
  • Dealing with Meltdowns Using ‘Stay Listening’
  • Helping Your Angry Child
  • Power and Powerlessness in Parenting
  • Navigating Parenting Differences
  • Getting Triggered as a Parent: 7 Steps to Peaceful Parenting

The speakers include
Robin Grille – author & psychologist whose book Parenting For A Peaceful World was the first parenting book I read.  It had a profound impact in shaping how I’d ideally like to be as a parent.


Marion Rose Ph.D. – who quite simply is amazing(!)  I have learned so much from her.  She hardly comes to Sydney, so this will be a real treat to see & hear her.  Her work brings about profound insights & changes, not only in how we view & treat our kids, but in how we treat ourselves & our own emotions.


Rachel Schofield – a fellow Parenting by Connection Instructor who works closely with Patty Wipfler, the founder of HandinHand Parenting.  She will be talking about how to deal with meltdowns & providing really tangible tools on what to do.



Skye Munro from Nurturing Connections.  Also a fellow Parenting by Connection Instructor who works with parents & Early & Middle Childhood professionals.  She will be running a Women’s Parenting Circle





Brett Darnesh – a fellow Aware Parenting Instructor & Certified Becoming Us Facilitator who will be running a Men’s Parenting Circle


– I’ll be speaking about how to navigate parenting with our partners….  Not only do we need to deal with our kids’ emotions, we also have to work together and navigate our partner’s ones too!


And many more…..

So come along!  It’s going to be a fantastic day, plus there is an Expo alongside with lots of great exhibitors.


Really look forward to seeing you there!




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