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Welcome from the Mumspire Podcast!

Welcome from the Mumspire Podcast!

Hello!  And welcome to Birth & Parenting!  Am so pleased you found us and I hope you enjoyed listening to Anna-Maria & I chatting all things babies.

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As we mentioned, I’m a Parenting by Connection Instructor & an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Doula, plus I have had 2 babies of my own – Emily who’s nearly 9, and George who’s nearly 3.  (Part of me really misses the newborn and little baby days! But not the broken sleep…..!)

Below are the details about my FREE 3-Part Video Series called Helping Your Crying Baby.  Please sign up & I’ll send you 3 quick videos explaining the principles behind listening to our baby’s feelings (as I know this is somewhat of a strange concept!).

In the 3 videos we’ll look at:

  • Why Your Baby Is Crying
  • The Need For Emotional Release
  • The Benefits of Crying-in-Arms
  • How to Listen to Your Baby When They Are Crying

This is the approach I’ve taken with my babies, and the effect has been amazing.  Holding my babies and listening to them when they cried has had such profound effects – better sleep, a calmer me(!) & a much more relaxed & happier baby.  AND it has helped that transition from cute, adorable baby, to exploring, rambunctious toddler (which Anna-Maria & I talk about in a later episode)!

I’m also available for 1-1 support, so please CLICK HERE if you’d like a phone or FaceTime/Skype consultation as I really get how challenging & exhausting this time can be.

So if you’d like to find out more about Helping Your Crying Baby, please watch this brief intro video and sign up below to receive the 3 videos direct in your in-box.



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