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How to Help your Crying Baby

How to Help your Crying Baby

Babies cry – a lot!  And we do pretty much everything we can to get them to stop. Rocking, shushing, patting, singing, white noise, dummies – ANYTHING that will get them to just stop crying.

Because we hate the thought of our innocent little baby being upset.  We hate not knowing why they’re crying.  We can get flustered, stressed, irritated & frustrated.  And then feel like a failure of a mum.

There are different schools of thought of why babies cry:
– some think it’s for no reason at all
– some think it’s purely for communication
– some think it’s because they’re tired

And there’s different schools of thought of what to do when they do cry:
– leave them to ‘let off steam’ on their own and learn to go to sleep by themselves
– do everything possible to prevent them from needing to cry in the first place
– distract them when they cry with cuddles, jiggling, etc, etc
– use a dummy to stop them from crying

You’ve probably thought of all of these at some point!

But what if there is a different way of viewing why babies cry?  And what if there’s a different way to respond?

Check out this week’s video to find out a different way of viewing & responding to babies.

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