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Weekend Meltdowns

Weekend Meltdowns

How are weekends for you and your family?  Do you ever look forward to them but sometimes end up feeling disappointed that things aren’t as lovely as you imagine?  I sometimes do, and find that we can all get ratty with each other and things don’t really flow.

When my daughter was younger, we would all snuggle in bed in the morning and she could get really cross and antsy.  She’d get annoyed over the most insignificant thing which would, in turn, aggravate me and my hubby.  Not the ideal way to start 2 precious days together!

I then realised that, by us all being together in such a leisurely and enjoyable way, it gave Emily the opportunity to show us any upset she had been carrying from the week.

When we are busy and distracted, there often isn’t the time or space for our kids to offload the everyday stresses that accumulate over normal things.  They are busy themselves and we can all muddle through pretty well.

So when there is a time where we’re not rushing about, when we’re actively enjoying each others’ company, then this is the perfect time for them to release any upsets.

So instead of getting annoyed with my daughter, I could then focus on her and give her my loving attention whilst she was being irrational, erratic and aggressive.  I could be with her knowing that it wasn’t about the insignificant issue she claimed was bothering her, and just allow her to let rip and get it all out.

When she had finished, she was so refreshed and cheerful that the rest of the weekend would generally flow really well.

Unless, that is, if I was feeling stressed…. In which case I would pick a fight with my hubby over something insignificant and have a similar process myself!  It’s not only our kids who need to offload stresses from the week!

So – if your child is having a meltdown over something you think is ridiculous this weekend, maybe just stop to think if there could be an underlying reason, knowing that they are using this lovely time with you to release any stress they are carrying.



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