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Webinar: 5 Fun Ways To Reduce Annoying Behaviour in 5 Mins

Webinar: 5 Fun Ways To Reduce Annoying Behaviour in 5 Mins

Welcome!  Here is the webinar I recently ran on 5 Fun Ways To Reduce Annoying Behaviour in 5 Mins

In it I explain:

why your children are behaving in that annoying, rude, aggressive way

why reasoning, threats, punishments and shouting doesn’t work in those situations

why play is highly effective


I’ll give you 5 Simple, Fun ideas on how to quickly inject play and turn stressful situations around in just 5 minutes.

Sounds good?!  Watch it now:

Would you like MORE great play ideas and MORE inspiration?  If so, I’m running a Free Online Course – 5 Days to Fabulous Fun & Fewer Fights – starts Monday 24 August!

Sign up today if you’d like an email sent to you each day which will include: 

  • A Great Game 
    • to be played strategically to address a particular, everyday issue
    • you can easily play that day with your child
    • which is fun, simple and takes about 5 minutes


  • A Daily Dose of Inspiration which will
    • help to explain why your child is being annoying or unhelpful
    • support you in knowing that you’re sooooo not alone in your particular challenge(s)
    • remind you why play is effective in bringing your child back from their worries and difficulties
    • help you to remember to bring play into a frustrating situation that’s been annoying you for ages (because there are many times when we’re just NOT playful!)


  • an invitation to gain support, suggestions and hear about other people’s experiences in our Fabulous Fun & Fewer Fights Facebook Group 

If you think this sounds great, then sign up today to start receiving your daily doses of inspiration from Monday 24 August.   I really look forward to seeing you in the FB Group and getting to know more about you and your children, and the games that work for your family.

If you’re happy that you got all you need from watching my webinar, that’s fantastic.  Am so pleased.  And I hope you’ll stay tuned for my future webinars and trainings. Or else contact me for a private consultation.

This fun, simple course will give you the inspiration you need to tackle the challenges you’re facing that day.  Don’t Miss Out!



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