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Travelling with Young Children

Travelling with Young Children

Holidays often mean long car trips or plane journeys.  Which can mean arguments, fractious children and screaming babies.  Not a lot of fun!

So this video has some great tips to help make travelling with kids so much easier.

Because the whole point of holidays is to get away from the stress. You don’t want to be stuck in a plane for 24 hours with a screaming baby or a toddler going stir-crazy.

As I’m English & my hubby is Irish, we regularly fly back to the UK and we’re also avid campers and go on long car trips out of Sydney.  So these tips work!

Try them out & let me know how you go.  Would love to hear how effective they are for you, and what else you do to help make your travelling that much easier.

PS – It was a really hot day when I filmed this, hence am a bit red in the face & ‘glowing’!!

PPS – if you have any friends or family who are going on a long trip these holidays, please forward this email on to them so they can try them out too for a more enjoyable travel experience.  x


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