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Strive to Thrive with a Pack-a-Punch Lunch

Strive to Thrive with a Pack-a-Punch Lunch

Friday 13 June 2014 from 7PM – 9PM

Crows Nest | The Awareness Institute, 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest


The Pinkfarm girls are back with their popular and inspirational seminar.

When packing lunch for their children, Amanda & Tanya look for nutrient dense food options packing the biggest punch of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, all of their food choices are unrefined, unprocessed and made from wholefood ingredients. This ensures optimal nutrition and avoids nasty additives, added sugar and over-processed nutrient deficient grains.

Come & hear the Pinkfarm Girls share:

  • which lunchbox foods will help stabilise mood, aid concentration & maintain energy
  • why breakfast matters
  • practical tips for packing a nutrient dense lunchbox
  • delicious food samples and their recipes to nourish children and keep lunch boxes interesting
  • goody bags with lots of yummy lunchbox samples

Pinkfarm_Manly_March2014_talking_300Feedback from their previous talk includes:
“It was great to hear about Pinkfarm’s food journey and to learn how to help send our kids off to school with food to sustain them – not just fill them up but have them running at an optimal level!”

“I liked the info and real life experience of the presenters.  Great ideas.  Practical.  Loved the tasting of food!”

Please note that THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT

About Pinkfarm

Pinkfarm_May2014We are two friends on a real food journey challenging politically correct nutrition; learning, sharing, creating and inspiring. Tanya (Farmer), a country girl living on a farm on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands with a bustling house of 5 children and Amanda (Pinky) city girl living in a metro Sydney townhouse with 1 beautiful son.

With playground names like Pinky and Farmer we were destined to lead two contrasting lives, and that we do! However, in the past 3 years, our life journeys have intertwined more than ever. Pinky embarked on the journey of motherhood for the first time and Farmer gave birth to her 5th child.

We have focused on incorporating traditional foods, cultured foods and healthy fats into our daily lives and inspired each other to walk the talk. Our practice has revealed that what we eat and feed our children matters, it matters a lot!

Tanya has a Bachelor of Nursing Science. a Certificate of Midwifery and a Graduate Diploma in Childbirth Education. She has practiced midwifery partime for 15 years in between raising 5 children. Farmer’s passion for food and its ability to heal and nourish is the driving force behind her every day life in the kitchen. She has future plans to do more study in nutrition and gut health.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Literacy and has worked as a teacher and literacy consultant for 17 years. Amanda’s journey into parenthood has ignited her enthusiasm and passion for food and its connection to health. She has plans to complete her Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Pinkfarm and to contact them.


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