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Special Time Mission: Impossible Day 5

Welcome to Day 5!

How are you finding it all so far?  Even if you’re not managing to do Special Time every day, how are you feeling even when you THINK about ST?!

Chances are you may be feeling some resistance to doing it, or maybe you feel bored, sleepy, overwhelmed, or too busy to fit it in?

If you feel any of these things, you’re so not alone!  Everyone I speak to, finds it hard sometimes.  Or they feel resentful, or irritated, or claustrophobic, or basically wants to be anywhere else but there!

Today’s video offers some explanation of why we ALL find it hard sometimes to be with our kids in this particular way.

Come on over to our Facebook Group to talk about how you’re finding Special Time, and whether you’ve had an ‘aha’ moments as to why you might be finding it difficult.  Would love to chat!

So please be gentle on yourself and tomorrow we’ll look at ways we can look after ourselves.

Have a great day.



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