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Special Time Mission: Impossible Day 1

Welcome to Day 1!

Today we go into the specifics of how to do Special Time.


1. Name It
2. Time It
3. Let your child be in charge
4. Give 100% of your attention
5. Actively delight in your child
6. Just one child at a time
7. Expect they could cry at the end (which is a good thing – we’ll go into this more on Day 4)
8. Enjoy!

[Click on the image to download the PDF, print it out and pop it on your fridge as a reminder.]

It’s ideal to do Special Time on a regular basis.  Daily is ideal but I know it’s not always possible.  So try to integrate it into your schedule for several times a week.  Putting it into your diary is brilliant as it’s so easy to forget to do Special Time when things are going well.  Don’t wait for everything to go awry before remembering to reintroduce it again!

Special Time is perfect to be used tactically as well.  For example if your child is having trouble going to daycare / (pre)school, or coming back in the afternoon.  It’s perfect after any type of separation, whilst you’re away travelling, before flights or important occasions where you need your children to ‘behave’.

Tomorrow we’ll go through WHY Special Time is so brilliant – the benefits for our children and ourselves.

Until then, enjoy the first day of your mission.  Come on over to the Facebook Group to let us know what you’ve done with your kids.  I’ll be in there regularly to answer any questions you may have.

Until tomorrow…….



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