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Six Week Parenting by Connection Support Group with Emma Mason

Dear Invaluable Parent,

My name is Emma Mason. I am really excited to invite you to attend a 6 week parent support group I am running in September/October! The group is based on an approach I value deeply, as a parent and a professional who supports children and parents. It is called Parenting by Connection and is from an organisation called Hand in Hand 

Would you like to?

  • Experience more play, laughter and joy in your parenting.
  • Experience more cooperation and connection with your child.
  • Understand the reasons behind and deal confidently with your child’s challenging behaviour e.g. not listening, whining, aggression.
  • Learn how to support yourself and your child when they are angry, crying, upset or having a tantrum.
  • Learn strategies that reflect the deep love and respect you have for your child. Strategies that also reflect current child development information.
  • Experience more support, less stress and more satisfaction in your family life.
  • Strengthen and build a secure and healthy relationship with your child.

The group will be a sacred and intimate space for parents where:

  • They can share about the joys and challenges from their parenting journey.
  • Learn the practical, well informed, loving, respectful and effective Parenting by Connection (listening based) tools.
  • Receive emotional support from myself and the other parents as they learn.

When & Where

The 6 week group will take place on Saturday mornings 9.30-11.30am in Chatswood. It will commence on Saturday 12th September and finish on Saturday 17th October 2015.


$275 for the early bird rate or $325 for the later payment option. In addition, participants need to purchase The Listening to Children Booklets through Hand in Hand Parenting for $29.

About Emma

Emma2I am a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2001 and my Master’s degree in 2004. I am an Aware Parenting Instructor and an enthusiastic advocate of Hand in Hand Parenting. I have been passionately supporting children and their parents for over fifteen years. I am also a deeply dedicated and passionate mum.

If you would like me to email you more information about the group and my background then please email me at emmakidsandfamilies@gmail.com

Client Testimonials

“ It has been a pleasure to work with Emma. She models the parenting approaches beautifully while listening intently to all that spills out of my mouth without judgement. She has the ability to remain fully present with you regardless the question or concern, all is welcome in a space of kindness, compassion and support.

I’ve gained a great deal from the workshop. It’s changed how I view my son’s behaviour, which allows me to be a loving presence for the underlying emotions that drive his behaviour. Parenting has become a lot less frustrating and a whole lot more fun, tiring but fun.

Emma embodies what she teaches, which is all based on experience.” Jennifer, Sydney


“I can’t recommend Emma highly enough. She has fabulous skills both in supporting mums emotionally and providing practical strategies for parenting. 

Emma is my “go to” person whenever I am needing support or inspiration. She is one of the most empathic and compassionate people I know. Her warmth and presence gives me such a great sense of emotional safety, and a kind word from her has been enough to bring me to tears when I have feelings close to the surface. Her way of listening makes me feel truly heard and accepted.

She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to children and parenting, and is great at demonstrating the different tools used in Aware Parenting and Parenting by Connection. In particular, she has an amazing natural ability for attachment play, and has had me in stitches with her hilarious games.”  Sam, Sydney


“Thank you for the rich and nourishing experience of being in your parenting group. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with like minded parents, get inspiration for parenting my little daughter and to learn new skills.

Thank you for facilitating the group with such a wonderful blend of skill, deep care, authenticity, passion and fun.

With love”  Carolin, Sydney


“Emma’s warmth and generosity have helped me through some really rough spots in my parenting. She has a way of really showing that she understands with incredible empathy, and her insights always give me so much to think about which helps me to deepen into my own process. “  Angela, Tennessee  


“Sorry for the belated testimonial. Whilst my initial reaction is one of embarrassment and shame for not having written sooner, your energy makes me feel ok about it being what it is and appreciative of having this opportunity right now to write this. And that in my experience is the core of who you are, so embracing, so accepting and validating and appreciative of others. You’ve supported me in being the best I can be given current sometimes difficult circumstances (rather than feed my guilt with any more “shoulds” of parenting).

I’ve also been touched by your generosity of giving of your self and your time without hesitations to support me and others whenever the need arises. Yet your offer of support feels so grounded (not from an over-extension of self which is what I sometimes do) but from a well resourced self.

You made a huge difference in my life, on a being (as opposed to doing) level, and I’d love to see your offering grow to reach more people.”  Lori, Sydney



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