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Parenting by Connection Starter Class

Parenting by Connection Starter Class

Join me for 2 hours each week for 6 weeks in this transformative in-person private group

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated when your child is crying or having a tantrum?
  • Would you like some loving and effective strategies to handle your child’s strong emotions such as anger or fear?
  • Did you know you can use play as a discipline tool and a way to set limits?
  • Would you like your baby or child to sleep better at night?
  • Would you like some support?!

Well, you’re not alone!

Parenting can be a hard job.  And one that’s not always recognised or appreciated – it can be treated as something of a hobby.

Have you

  • read a ton of books, blogs and articles
  • attended talks and seminars
  • chatted with your Mum, friends and even questioned other mums at the park

and STILL find yourself snapping at your kids when things get tough?

Ever swore you’d never sound like your Mother, only to hear those words come pouring out of your mouth?  Then felt guilty and vowed never to say that again?  Only to find you say them AGAIN the next time things get hard?!

You’re STILL not alone!

tantruming girl in pink_featureParenting is one of the HARDEST jobs ever!  Our greatest of intentions, strategies and to do lists can all go completely awry in a heartbeat.  It’s amazing how, as grown women, we can be reduced to a sobbing wreck by a 2 year old.  Or turned into a raging lunatic by a 3 year old!

So, if you’ve read the books and are STILL finding things hard, what’s next?

Parenting by Connection 6 Week Starter Class

Developed by HandinHand Parenting, this loving, respectful and highly practical approach will not only help you deal with your children’s emotions and everyday stresses but your own as well.

This is not a “here’s some information now off you go”-type class.

This is a detailed, supportive 6 week program where you will:

  • learn the six tools needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child
  • gain an understanding about your child’s brain and why your child reacts in those those aggressive, whiny and just plain infuriating ways
  • discover how your child’s emotions work
  • find out why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them in ways that are loving, respectful and effective
  • understand how to heal your child’s fears and help and angry child become playful and compassionate again
  • see how play is an incredibly effective and fun discipline tool
  • learn how to manage your own irritations, anger and sadness
  • gain tangible strategies that will make the world of difference for you, your children and your family as a whole

And what’s great is that you will explore all of these things in a friendly, intimate group of parents who, just like you, want what’s best for their kids and are also experiencing challenges.

So what’s included?

  • 2 hourly sessions with myself and up to 5 other parents for 6 weeks where you will: 
    • learn a different strategy each week
    • feel inspired and empowered to try them at home
    • hear real life case studies – you’ll get tingles from some of them, they are that amazing!
    • have time to ask questions directly relating to you and your family
    • gain ‘aha’ moments of understanding around your child’s or your own behaviour
    • receive the support that you need each week from myself and other parents
  • Receive 9 Listening to Children booklets by the founder of HandinHand Parenting, Patty Wipfler.
    These are life-changing – big call, I know but, really, they are amazing and will completely change they way you view crying, tantrums and ‘bad’ behaviour.

    • How Children’s Emotions Work
    • Special Time
    • Playlistening
    • Crying
    • Tantrums and Indignation
    • Healing Children’s Fears
    • Reaching for Your Angry Child
    • Setting Limits
    • Listening Partnerships for Parents
  • The Parenting by Connection Starter Class Handbook
    • covers the information presented in the class
    • provides exercises to help cement your understanding of the concepts

Price = $325


Who Am I?

I’m a Parenting by Connection Instructor & have trained with Hand in Hand Parenting who developed this class.  I’m also an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Doula and Mum to an 8 year old daughter & a 2 year old son.

These tools have transformed my parenting (I don’t really know what I would be doing without them!) and I love sharing them with my one-on-one clients and through groups and my online programs.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Feedback for Helena:

I have listened to various talks and presentations on child rearing and found the Parenting by Connection group to be the most well rounded, natural and effective approach by far. It provided me with extremely effective and useful tools that I could utilise in dealing with our family’s various emotions and difficult situations.  I loved the intimacy the group quickly formed due to Helena’s facilitation of the course and its content. The group made me feel valued as a person and a mother.” Emma

“I really liked the honest straightforward information, with great practical examples & many wonderful games to try with our kids.  I would recommend this course to every parent.”  Erica

“Helena gave me practical tools I can use at home to help me connect and guide my children, without using shouting, etc.” Jane

Helena was fantastic, very warm, honest and open, she created an environment of safety and non-judgment.” Tamara

“Helena made everyone feel loved and safe to share personal experiences and emotions.”  Craig


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