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NB Seminar: Parenting After Separation – Helping Your Children Thrive

NB Seminar: Parenting After Separation – Helping Your Children Thrive

Saturday 21 June: 1.30 – 4.30pm
Brookvale NSW | Brookvale Community Centre

Are you a parent going through a divorce or separation?

This can be a really challenging time as you’re needing to make major changes in your life emotionally, physically, logistically and financially.   And as you’re searching for a way to deal with the separation,  you are wanting to create the best environment for your children.  The media is often full of miserable statistics about separation and people like to share dreadful stories, so many people struggle to see a positive future for all of the family.


But this is not everyone’s reality….

Would you like to ditch the doom & gloom and turn adversity into opportunity?!

This Workshop is designed to help you do just that.  We will help you navigate a pathway to creating a new family dynamic in a way that is empowering, respectful and fun.

Divided into 3 sections, Rebecca Burnett-Smith, Dina Cooper and Helena Mooney will focus on:

  • providing a roadmap to reach a positive outcome for your family
  • looking at how our emotions work and what we can do to manage them regardless of the circumstances
  • introducing play as a highly effective parenting tool to help children deal with the stress from separation, to improve behaviour, and to bring more fun to the whole family

With most people concentrating on the worst case scenarios, this workshop is designed to provide a strong message of hope – that it is possible to end up feeling you have the best of all worlds and that you are a better parent than you were before.

In this interactive, enjoyable workshop, you will:

  • mum & daughter cuddling_roundeddiscover the road map to a positive separation
  • learn how to become the role model you want to be for your children
  • help to build resilience in your children
  • explore how to build an effective parental alliance
  • discover how to manage your emotions so you can communicate to get your needs met
  • learn to choose how to respond even in the face of the challenges that surround you
  • understand how Playful Discipline can transform behaviour and help children deal with everyday stresses and upsets
  • receive specific examples of how to incorporate Play into your parenting toolkit, particularly around separation – games to play either with yourself and in partnership with your ex-partner
  • feel inspired to increase the laughter and fun in your changed family to enhance connection and joy together

Suitable for parents with children aged 0 – 9 years old.

Early Bird Offer: $60 until 4 June

Thereafter: $75

Who Are We?

Rebecca website photo_300Rebecca Burnett-Smith – Kids First Mediation

Rebecca is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with many years of experience in Family Mediation, Child Inclusive Practice, Conflict Coaching, and Collaborative Practice.  She also brings to her work over 20 years’ of Social Work experience working therapeutically with children and families from all backgrounds and complexity.

As a separated mother of two girls herself, Rebecca is passionate about the best interests of children in post-separation families.

Contact: Email: rebecca.burnettsmith@gmail.com  Web: www.kidsfirstmediation.com


Dina Bio PhotoDina Cooper

Dina is mum to her gorgeous boys Nayan, aged 6 and Dylan, aged 4. She has over 8 years experience as a coach and has worked in leading corporations around the world. Nowadays she is the proud business owner and founder of Hoogi – Mums Just Wanna Have Fun, a Speaker and a Coach for Mums. Her vision is to empower mums and dads across the globe with the internal frames of minds to be strong and fun, to enable our future generation to be the best they can be.

Contact: Email: dinacooper@hoogi.com.au   Website: www.hoogi.com.au


Helena MooneyHelena Mooney

Helena is an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Parenting by Connection Instructor, Doula and mum to a 5 year old daughter.  She is passionate about supporting families in a way that’s practical, compassionate and fun.  She is the founder of Birth & Parenting, which holds regular seminars throughout Sydney.

Contact: Email: helena@birthandparenting.com.au  Web: www.birthandparenting.com.au



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