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Managing Your Own Anger As A Parent

Managing Your Own Anger As A Parent

What’s the thing that gets you most angry with your kids? For me it’s the dishwasher in the morning & my desire for Emily to empty the bloody thing!
Before I became a mum, I had NO idea just how angry I would get with my own kids. And even with taking time for myself, exercising, yoga & wine, I still can become enraged at the flick of a switch.
NOTHING is guaranteed to push our buttons more than being a parent!
It’s relentless, thankless and I can turn from being calm & happy one minute to frustrated & shouty the next – which is clearly not ideal.

So what’s the best way to manage our anger so that we don’t end up saying precisely what we always vowed we never would?!

And WHY do we get so angry about seemingly insignificant things that our kids do?

That’s what this week’s video is all about….


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