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Birth & Parenting has been running events in Sydney since 2011.  The aim has always been to bring parents directly in contact with experts.

Past events include a North Sydney Expo featuring Pinky McKay, birth seminars with Dr Sarah Buckley and a wide range of parenting talks on the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs.  Speakers have included:

2 mums_Manly ValeOne of the big realisations of running these events has been how much parents can support each other – whether it’s by offering useful tips, or recounting similar stories of difficulties.  It’s amazing how similar our children are and how they react to things.  Realising we’re not alone, and that our child isn’t the most difficult child around(!) is incredibly comforting and helpful.

I will continue to develop events online and in Sydney.  There won’t be as many as there used to be as I had a little boy in August 2014, but they are being developed!  So stay informed and subscribe today to be one of the first to hear about them.




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Parenting by Connection Starter Class – Dee Why

Parenting by Connection Starter Class – Dee Why

This 6 week Starter Class provides you with tangible parenting tools, real-life examples of how effective they can be, and a friendly, intimate place to talk freely about what's going on for you and your family.