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DAY 5 – Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun

Welcome to our last day – Day 5!  I hope you’ve had a good time putting some of the games and Special Time into practice.   Would love to hear how things have gone and what games you may have made up with your kids.  Come and tell us over at Facebook.

I’ve created 2 videos again today.  In Part A I look at :

  • do we have to be playful all the time? (the answer is definitely no!)
  • 2 games you can use to counter name calling and rude words
  • what you can do if your child starts spitting (happened to me – delightful!)

In Part B we look at, by popular request, Siblings Fighting.  In it you’ll hear about:

  • the power of Special Time and play (again!)
  • a story from Rosie, a mum who started doing Special Time on Day 1 with her 3 boys and who noticed an immediate difference
  • specific games you can use to help to dissipate tensions between siblings
  • what you can do to use play to reduce your own tension and annoyances (it’s just as fun!)

If your children don’t fight or you have one child, this video is also useful as you  can also apply to any difficulties your child may have with a friend.

And that’s it! But it’s not the end….

Although our time together with Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun has come to an end, there is still so much more to say and do.

For this course I focused on play and emotional release through laughter.  But there is still the important aspect of crying and tantrums which are also healthy ways to release tension and stress.  These are waaaaay much harder to deal with than the laughter!  We can often be at a loss to know what to do when our child acts out in that way.  We may want to ignore them, scold them, distract them, etc.  And we can often get triggered when our child tries to hit us or tells us to ‘Go Away Mummy”.

So if you would like some help with the crying and tantrum side of parenting, then we can carry on with the conversation.  My 5 week online course Annoying to Amazing! is all about that.

CLICK HERE to find out more……

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