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DAY 4 – Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun

Did you do something lovely yesterday that was just for you?!  I hope so.  And if so, what did you get up to?   And then how did you feel when dealing with your kids?  Hopefully you felt more refreshed afterwards and more playful and present with them.  (I had my lovely morning swim with friends and then a 15 minute nana nap in the afternoon!)  Inspire us all in the Facebook Group with what you got up to.

Today’s videos are in Part A and Part B.

Part A is about normalising our experiences and us ALL losing it sometimes!  Even if it looks like someone else has it all sorted, I can assure you that there are times when they do not!  I think it’s helpful to be reminded of that when we’re going through a tricky patch.

I also talk about helping our children with separation anxiety in a fun and simple way.

Another really good tactic for separation anxiety is to do Special Time in the morning before childcare or school.  As you know, this fills their emotional cup and their sense of connection with you, which then makes it easier for them to feel more confident about being separated from you.  You could do this at home, or at school.  Just factor in extra time in your morning schedule to fit it in.

And here is an article on how you could also use this game to help your baby or toddler sleep well at night – Help A Baby Sleep Using Play


Part B is looking at how we can reduce fights with our children.  Particularly around household chores, and what we can do to dissipate the tension to move to a more harmonious and cooperative way of being with each other.

The article I refer to is Alfie Kohn’s 5 Reasons To Stop Saying “Good Job”  He has lots of other thought provoking articles as well which i really recommend checking out.

And the book I read out of is Jan Hunt’s The Natural Child

Please remember to come on over to the Facebook Group to carry on the conversation.

See you tomorrow for our final day!




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