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DAY 3 – Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun

We’re half way through our 5 days together.  I hope you’re all having fun and noticing some positive benefits.

The past 2 days has been all about your kids – what you can do to to help them with their feelings and navigate challenges.

Today is mainly about YOU!

What can YOU do to bring more play and laughter into your life?

It’s not frivolous, self-indulgent or extravagant.  It’s vital for our family’s well-being that we have a fabulous time ourselves!

We can’t give what we don’t receive.

So TODAY – make a commitment to yourself to do something FUN, just for you.

Your challenge is to within 5 minutes of reading or watching this – jump into the Facebook Group and let us know what you’re going to do to nurture and have fun yourself today.  Make the commitment to all of us and then post a photo and let us know how you feel afterwards.

I’m writing this at a ridiculously early hour, but I’m about to go off with some girlfriends for my early morning swim in the sea.  The joy that I get from that far outweighs any pain of getting up early.  It sets me up for the day and I can be waaaaay more present, fun and engaged with my children when I return.

In fact – in this blog video I go through my 3 top tips for getting out the house in the morning and one of them is all about self-care.


Today’s Games With Your Children

We can often get into fights with our kids around basic things that they need to do.  We can get tense and irritated and they will become more stubborn, more adamant that they are NOT going to clean their teeth or eat their dinner.  It’s easy to feel that it’s become a battle of wills and we become determined that we will NOT be defeated.  And likewise our children can feel the same!  There can also be elements of control from both and, short of us actually shovelling food into our kids’ mouths, we can’t physically force them to eat.

So games are incredibly powerful at diffusing this tension and dissolving these fights.  Today is a simple example for helping your kids clean their teeth, and the principle can be applied for so many things, including picky eating.


This is quick, fun and works on any feelings of powerlessness they may have.  Basically you pretend that the toothbrush doesn’t know where it’s supposed to be going.  It becomes the ‘stupid’ one and asks about going in the most ridiculous places (trying their bum often gets the biggest laugh!).  Your child then can show how much they know about such things and will point out that it should be going into their mouth.  They will often grab the brush and put it in there themselves.

Another version is that the brush is terrified of going into the mouth – there are actual teeth in there! eek!  So, again, your child becomes the more powerful one and will delight in putting the toothbrush into their mouth and biting down on it, in a dominant manner.

Both are great fun and make the whole process much more enjoyable at the end of a busy, tiring day.


Similar to using the toothbrush as the scared, less powerful thing, you can also do the same with food. I’ve used a terrified pea or carrot on the spoon saying “Noooo, don’t make me go in there…..! (the mouth).  It’s TERRIFYING!  Heeeellllppppp.  There’s teeth in there!  I’m so scared!!!”  This often elicits lots of laughter and I found that my daughter would open her mouth really wide to chomp down on the terrified food.  Similarly, you could hold the spoon and ask “where am I supposed to go?  in here? (the ear) in here? (the nose)” etc.

You get the idea – wherever your child can become the more powerful, capable one is brilliant.  And they are releasing any stress they may have had about it through their laughter.  And you are releasing any tension around it too!




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