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DAY 1 – Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun!

Welcome to Day 1 of Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun!  Am so pleased you’re here and you’re joining us for these 5 days.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m a Parenting Educator & Mentor, specialising in Hand in Hand Parentings’ Parenting by Connection and Aware Parenting.  I’m also mum to 7 year old Emily (who you’ll hear a bit about during this course!) and 1 year old George (who will be the source of many future stories!).

FIRST THING I’d love for you to do is to SIGN UP for the Fewer Fights & Fabulous Fun Facebook Group.  Come along and chat about what’s going on – what’s working, what’s not, ask your questions and give the other parents in there your support.  I’d love for this to be a great place for us to all hang out and chat this week.

OK – let’s get on with Day 1!

Today we’re looking at

  • Why Our Kids Lose It / Become Annoying / Act Up – what’s going on for them in their brain (which also applies to us when we lose it to!)
  • Why Connection is the key to help them during those challenging times
  • How Special Time can really help – I’ll explain what that is and how to do it.

So your ‘homeplay’ today is to spend at least 5 minutes with each of your children giving them Special Time.  And then – let us know in the Facebook Group how it goes!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 2……



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