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How do you feel when your kids won’t do what you want them to do, or when they are being incredibly annoying and seem to be intent on driving you nuts?

  • Frustrated?
  • Irritated?
  • Cross?
  • Angry?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Like you just want to give up?(!)

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and for everything to get better – easily, simply and enjoyably?

Well, PLAY is as close to a magic wand as we’re ever going to get.  Play is amazing.

⚡ But I know it’s super frustrating that we need to bring play in when we absolutely least, least, least feel like it.

⚡And I know it’s not fair that we need to be playful to get our children to do the things they know they are supposed to do.


  • Play works in helping our children’s brains work again.
  • Play works in helping our brains work again
  • Play allows emotions such as fear, anger and frustration to be released
  • Play is respectful, loving, fun & effective
  • Play connects us to each other again

SO – if you want MORE inspiration and MORE Play ideas – sign up today to my FREE Online Course:


When you join, I’ll send you an email each day which will include:

  • A Great Game Suggestion
    • which you can strategically play to address a particular, everyday issue
    • which is fun, simple and takes about 5 minutes
    • which is easy to play that very day


  • A Daily Dose of Inspiration which will
    • help to explain why your child is being annoying or unhelpful
    • support you in knowing that you’re sooooo not alone in your particular challenge(s)
    • remind you why play is effective in bringing your child back from their worries and difficulties
    • help you to remember to bring play into a frustrating situation that’s been annoying you for ages (because there are many times when we’re just NOT playful!)


  • an invitation to gain support, suggestions and hear about other people’s experiences in our Really Useful Parenting Community Facebook Group

If you think this sounds great, then sign up today & start receiving your daily doses of inspiration!


Reducing Aggression Webinar

It’s awful, isn’t it, when it’s your child who’s hitting others?! So SIGN UP TODAY to find out: – WHY your child is lashing out (there can be more reasons than you think) – WHAT you can do at home to help with their aggression – HOW to help your child in the heat of… Continue Reading


special success

Woo hoo!  You’re booked in! Am so pleased and am really looking forward to chatting with you directly. Next Steps 1. Book in your times with me through the booking system below:   2. Download this Pre-Consultation Questionnaire This helps me to gain an understanding before we chat so that we can make the most of… Continue Reading

Parenting by Connection Starter Class

Parenting by Connection Starter Class

Join me for 2 hours each week for 6 weeks in this transformative in-person private group Do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated when your child is crying or having a tantrum? Would you like some loving and effective strategies to handle your child’s strong emotions such as anger or fear? Did you know you can use play as a discipline tool and… Continue Reading

NS Workshop: Attachment Play & Setting Limits

NS Workshop: Attachment Play & Setting Limits

with Marion Rose & Helena Mooney Sunday 27 July 2014 from 1.00 – 5.00pm Mosman  UNFORTUNATELY THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED – WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. Did you know that laughter and play have powerful therapeutic effects for children and parents? When we are finding things challenging – when our toddler won’t let us… Continue Reading

NB Seminar: Parenting After Separation – Helping Your Children Thrive

NB Seminar: Parenting After Separation – Helping Your Children Thrive

Saturday 21 June: 1.30 – 4.30pm Brookvale NSW | Brookvale Community Centre Are you a parent going through a divorce or separation? This can be a really challenging time as you’re needing to make major changes in your life emotionally, physically, logistically and financially.   And as you’re searching for a way to deal with the… Continue Reading


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