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Special Time Mission: Impossible Day 7

Welcome to the last day of our mission!

Did you have a DELIGHTFUL day yesterday?

My massage was divine.  I felt all gorgeous, until I got home and stepped into the mayhem of home….  But because I had been nourished, I felt soooo much calmer and more present to deal with it!

So today I’m passing onto the baton to you – YOU now become the leader of your own Mission – in whatever capacity you want that to be.

What do you want in the future?

How will you integrate Special Time on a regular basis?

How do you want family life to be for you and your kids?

My week of ST Mission: Impossible has brought more cooperation, more play, some more tears, and overall more loveliness and fun – not only for my kids, but for ME too.

Now I’ve just got to remember to do it!  I’ve put time in my diary each weekend and 3 days during the week to remind myself to do it.  Time just flows by otherwise, and other things seem to be more important.

I’d love to hear how you’ve found it.  The benefits, the challenges.  How your kids have responded.  And how you have felt during it all.  Come along and share in our Facebook Group.

a2a_squareAnd if you’d like MORE information, MORE great ideas and MORE support, ANNOYING to AMAZING is opening up again this week.

I’m opening it up to you first.  PLUS I have a special offer just for you as a Special Tme Mission: Impossible Agent – so keep a watch out in your inbox this week….

Until then, have a wonderful day, enjoy Special Time and the fantastic benefits of investing the time to do it.

Speak to you soon



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