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Parental Support

Parental Support

Without support I am cranky, tired, snappy and shouty.  With support I am patient, flexible, confident and fun!

I know how much of a difference getting the right support makes to my ability to parent.  And I have been incredibly fortunate to receive life-changing assistance since becoming a mum.

I’m now excited to be able to pass much of their wisdom and my experience on to you so that you too can thrive in this challenging role of ours.


Skype / Face Time Consultations: $110 an hour

Schedule your appointment with me today using the form below. (Click Set Time Zone button to proceed):

Workshops & Events

WorkshopsJoin me at one of my workshops, seminars or groups which I run throughout the year.  To view upcoming events, click here.

If you would like to organise your own highly-interactive and intimate workshop with your Mothers’ Group or friends, I would be happy to attend for $180 for 2 hours.

Workshop / Seminar Topics 


And as a Parenting by Connection Instructor, I present HandinHand Parenting’s range of seminars including:

  • Understanding Children’s Emotions – Where To Begin
  • Setting Limits
  • Helping Your Child Sleep
  • Helping Children with Emotional Moments
  • Bouncing Off The Walls – Helping The Highly Energetic Child

I can also create a tailored workshop based on your needs.  Please contact me so that we can discuss what you would like.

Feedback for My Groups and Workshops

“Helena was fantastic, very warm, honest and open.”  Emma, Manly

“Fantastic practical advice. Helena was very understanding of all the different situations and gave a wonderful insight into how children think & behave”  Camilla, Annandale

“I really liked the honest straightforward information, with great practical examples & many wonderful games to try with our kids.  I would recommend this course to every parent.”  Erica, Manly

“Helena gave me practical tools I can use at home to help me connect and guide my children, without using shouting, etc.” Jane, Manly Vale

“Helena made everyone feel loved and safe to share personal experiences and emotions.  And her responses were full of warmth.”  Craig


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