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3 Tips for Getting Out Of the House in the Morning

3 Tips for Getting Out Of the House in the Morning

How is it getting out of the house in the morning with your kids to go to work, school or daycare?  Do you struggle to get out on time?  Do you get stressed, annoyed or irritated?

Most of us do!

We’re under the pump to be on time (do you have to report at school if you’re late?).

We’ve got so many things to get organised – for our kids, for ourselves.

There’s lunches to be thought about, prepared and packed.  Maybe a bit of tidying so the house doesn’t look like a bomb site by the time we return.

And our children often don’t want to cooperate, get changed, clean their teeth or move remotely fast enough to get out of the door on time.

It can be a stressful way to start the day.

Does any of this sound like your family?

If so, I’ve been experimenting with lots of different ways to make the morning go smoothly and have now made some pretty simple changes to help the whole process go more smoothly and be waaaay more enjoyable for my children and for me.

In this video, I’ll give you my top 3 tips to transform your morning and help you get out of the house on time smoothly and enjoyably.

Tip #1- Admin – Planning and Preparing Lunches in Advance

You’re probably already organised on this front, but if you’re not, getting very specific about what you’re going to put in their lunch boxes for each day is a must.  That way, there is one less thing you have to think about or get stressed by.

Tip #2 – Get Ready Together

Going to school or daycare means that your child is separating from you.  This can be stressful for some and can therefore lead to them playing up in the mornings.  So if you maintain your connection, the morning will run much more smoothly. This means getting changed at the same time, cleaning teeth together, doing jobs together.  By getting ready together, your child enjoys your company and is less likely to become stressed herself, and therefore less likely to behave in annoying way.s

Tip #3 – Nourish Yourself FIRST

As with all of our parenting, if we are running on empty, we become annoyed and stressed more quickly.  So if our child starts to play up, our tolerance levels are really low and we’re not able to respond particularly lovingly.  By nourishing yourself first, you are then in a better position to feel calmer and more playful with your child.

I now get up at 5.30am and go for a swim in the sea.  By the time I get home at 7am (the time my hubby leaves for work) I feel energised, refreshed and nourished.  I’m then in a great space to be fully present with my children and whatever is going on.

By implementing these 3 tips each day, the mornings in my family run SO much better.  There is way less stress, much more enjoyment and the whole morning flows much better.

What are YOUR great tips for a stress-free morning?  Please share with all of us below or on Facebook – would love to hear.


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3 Responses to 3 Tips for Getting Out Of the House in the Morning

  1. Loved the video, Helena, and the tips. I could certainly do more on the connecting side, although because we do Child Directed Play Time before bed most evenings, I think their cup is quite full most of the time. Looking forward to more videos coming!

  2. Hello dear Helena! I enjoyed watching your video very much!! It even gave me giggle at times!! I love seeing how these things changed so much for you! And i feel inspired at looking into the option for taking some other kind of me time walk before my husband gets up. We do not go to school but i love the idea of preparing ourselves together more consciously when leaving for something!
    Thank you for sharing! Lots of love xxx

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